Kathmandu to Kalinchwok

By Binod - January 30, 2018

Like and comment in Facebook, tweets, business of city, loud noise and the same routine everyday. In a sentence "I was suffocating". One side of me was seeking for complete silence. Hence it started, a journey to Dolakha. 

About Dolakha
Dolakha is a district located at Janakpur Zone in Central Nepal. Charikot as its headquarter it has a total area of 2191 sq.km.
Jiri Valley, Tso Rolpa Lake, Gaurishankar Himal, Dolakha Bhimsen, Kalinchowk Bhagwati, Tasi Gumba are major attraction in Dolakha.

How to get there?
Get a bus from Old buspark to Charikot or if u are riding or driving yourself follow the road to Jiri via Dolalghat. It is around 5 hours in public bus. Jiri is just 50 Km from Charikot.
What to take?
It is a cold place so warm clothes of-course and if you are planning to trek carry garlic or some medecine to avoid altitude sickness, trekking shoe, chocolates for calorie, some packet of noodle and water.
How much to take?
Please do not expect it to be expensive like Pokhara. It's a cheap place.

Charikot Bazar was not my final destination. I was heading for Kalinchowk. It is among many VDC in Dolakha that is located in northern east side of Charikot Bazar. There is a gravelled road that takes you to Kuri (a village in Kalinchwok VDC) but sorry to say that no public vehicle goes there unless you hire one but I recommend you to trek to Kalinchowk. It is 5-6 hour to the local people but it took me 10 hours while going up and 6 hours coming back. The trekking route is magnificent, rich in flora, Devdar tree everywhere, Yak and cold atmosphere. There is only a shop in the route and they sell Sukuti of yak and churpi
After the trekking you will reach to a small village called Kuri which is inhabited by Sherpa. It is at the altitude of around 3700 meter and temperature dropping to 0 at night and cold breeze through out the day. Kalinchwok Bhagwati a famous temple is a most visit place there which is at the altitude of around 4500 meter, a hour long trek in sloppy hills from Kuri

Few pics from my trip

A home in our way to Dolakha Bhimsen .

Smiling Newar at Dolakha Bhimsen.
Ainselu a berry. Taste good.
A kitchen of Sherpa
An old sherpa with her 5 month old grandson.
A human face shaped mountain on our way.
Stone path that leads to Kalinchwok Bhagwati
Idol at Kalinchwok Bhawgati.

Kalinchwok Bhawgati.

Wind at Kalinchwok Bhawgati.
Bloggers word:
We are blessed with such beauty but we try to tie out feet, we often dream of travelling abroad.
There is lot more to learn here through travelling, you will feel blessed and feel happy whatever you are. Start travelling, it is not always for fun sometime it is a chance for you to know who you are.

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