Top 5 Multimedia Apps in Nepal

By Binod - May 01, 2020

Ever since Apple launched App Store back in 2008 it opened an endless opportunity for business and service providers. Google launched Playstore shortly for android devices. There are millions of apps combined in both platform and they generate billions of dollar in revenue each year.

Mobile apps are huge part of our daily life. Mentioned below are top 5 multimedia apps in Nepal. The apps are not in any particular order as there were not enough data available for sorting them.

Hamro Patro 

Hamro Patro was not introduced as multimedia app rather it was
known to be a utility app. But as time passed the team kept adding features on it, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times which make it the most downloaded Nepali app. The app has contents such as news, calendar, TV shows, forex, horoscope, ecards, radio, share market to name a few. It is one of those app that you can find on every Nepali's cellphone.

It was developed as calendar app by Shankar Raj Uprety back in 2010.


Tiktok is a short video sharing app owned by Chinese company called ByteDance. Videos on Tiktok are up to 15 seconds in duration, the videos are mostly comic, short dance video, lip sync and tutorial to name a few. 

Tiktok was launched in 2017, it merged with in 2018. It is one of the fastest growing app and it was valuated at 80 Billion USD. Tiktok has seen tremendous growth on its market in South Asia lately. 

Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo is one of the favorite indoor game that we have been playing since our childhood. It was a major part of our life when we were growing up. However with the change in lifestyle, professional and personal commitment it's not possible to play ludo physically like good old days.  

Thanks to technology, developers from Nepal came up with the app version of the game. Ludo Neo-Classic is one of the most downloaded ludo app in both iOS and Android platform. 


Youtube is the biggest video sharing app. It is the 3rd most visited website/app in Nepal and 2nd globally. YouTube was founded back in 2005 and a year later Google bought it for 1.65 Billion USD. 

YouTube is a platform for artists of various nature and it is also turning out to be the biggest search engine. With the accessibility of Internet people these days prefer to watch video tutorial or videos rather than reading articles or instructions. 


iFlix in on demand video subscription app. iFlix is based in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and it is available in 13 countries and Nepal is one of them. The app is growing popularity in Nepal and it is setting itselfs as the regional version of Netflix.

 iFlix has a good selection of Nepali movies and series and apart from that it is also producing new series of video, Netflix has been quite successful in that production model. This app is expected to grow bigger and better and it is being hoped that it will help Nepali creators to create amazing contents. 

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